Q: Is the parkway being widened?

A: No, we are constructing a 4' wide right shoulder and an additlonal4' wide reinforced grass strip.


Q: Are the Concrete Barriers along the right shoulder of the travel way permanent?

A: No, these barriers separate the work zones where the shoulder rehabilitation, drainage and guard rail work is taking place. They will move as the work progresses. Eventually the work areas will shift to the left shoulder to allow for the median work to take place. All barrier will be removed prior to final paving.


Q: Is the new paving complete?

A: No, we will add a final lift of pavement throughout the project when the rehabilitation work Is complete.


Q: Why are you cutting all of those trees?

A: The trees are being removed for safety. While keeping within the Merritt Parkway Guidelines, we are removing dead, diseased and dangerous trees.

Q: Will there be planting install to replace the trees that have been removed?

A: Yes, The Department is spending almost 4 million dollars in landscaping In accordance with the Master Design Plan.