Project Update 3/1/18

Work completed during the 2017 Construction season.

Clearing and grubbing – This work consisted of removing trees that would be impacted by the construction activities during the duration of the project.

Removal of invasive species – This activity involved removal and treating invasive species within the project limits.

Removal of existing concrete base under the bridge overpasses within the project limits. This activity allows for reconstruction the roadway pavement templet under the bridges without reducing the clearances required for vehicular traffic.

Localized pavement repairs – This work consisted of removal of joint cracks, pot holes and bumps in the existing pavement. These localized repairs are necessary to provide a solid pavement base prior to milling and paving.

Milling and Paving – The milling and paving provided an improved riding surface and adjusted the cross slope of the roadway to improve drainage. Note the bridge deck pavement will be addressed during the 2018 construction season.

Saugatuck Bridge work. The substructure structure steel has been blasted clean and repainted with a three-part paint system. This blasting and painting required the installation of a temporary under decking system and a full containment system to allow the work to be performed without impacting the water course and environment.

Two work zones in the NB direction have been created to allow for drainage improvements, replacing the existing guiderail with Merritt Parkway Guide Rail (steel backed timber railing), improvements to the existing shoulders creating a 4-foot reinforced grass shoulder